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May 16th 2021
Laura Rowlands, a home visiting volunteer for Home-Start Wrexham raised £325 worth of books for 75 families.

Back in October 2020, Laura Rowlands, a local teacher and Usborne independent organiser, decided she was going to raise money to be able to donate books to Home-Start Wrexham, a charity who provide a bespoke family support service through home visiting volunteers and family learning groups.

Due to lockdown restrictions, Laura was unable to fundraise in her usual way, through stalls at local events, so she did her best to fundraise using online measures, such as social media. Laura's goal was to raise enough money for each family to have a Christmas book, or a suitable alternative book for families who do not celebrate the holiday.

Laura said "unfortunately with Covid restrictions tightening and local lockdowns, I wasn't able to have a stall at any events so my fundraising was restricted to what I could do online. Through a combination of my own commission and generous donations from friends, family and members of the public, I was able to raise £250 which enabled me to apply my 30% extra books allowance and donate £325 worth of books."


After discussing the amount Laura had raised with Pam Hoyle, manager of Home-Start, it was decided that it would be more beneficial to make sets of small book bags for Home-Start volunteers and staff members to share with families when they visit.


If raising money to donate books to charities, schools and nurseries appeals to you, Laura would love to have you on her Usborne books team, which she is currently building. Please visit her website for more information here, contact her via Whatsapp, text message or phone call on 07736944719, or send an email to

If you would like to learn more about Home-Start Wrexham and the amazing work they do, please visit their website here.

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