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Jan 3rd 2021
Local woman, Vicki Mitchell, offers her services to the Given To Shine appeal for those struggling at Christmas time.

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Vicki Mitchell, manager of Manford’s Little Lambs had spotted a Facebook post from the charity Given To Shine, appealing for venues to host food for their community members on Christmas Eve. After speaking to her husband, Paul Mitchell, and discussing it with their children, they decided to offer their services.


After putting the venue forward, Manford’s Little Lambs in Chirk was used as a base on 24th December, helping those who may be struggling for food around the festive period. With the help of Councillor Terry Evans and his wife, Dot Evans, food donations were collected from Given To Shine and delivered to Manford’s Little Lambs, where it was all displayed and ready to take from their Multi-purpose room and dining room.

food 4.jpg

Councillor Terry Evans and Vicki Mitchell

Vicki and Paul Mitchell helped to pack people’s bags and carry them to their cars with the help of their children, William and Elena Mitchell, and Holly Manford. Food was also delivered to those unable to leave their homes, or unable to travel to the venue, thanks to Laura Rowlands, a teacher at the local primary school and best friend of Vicki Mitchell. 

will and elena.jpg

Elena and William Mitchell


Holly Manford

Beth Hesp, another local lady was also on hand to help as she had also been running toy donations at the nursery all week too, with the help of her friend and Manford’s Little Lamb’s staff member, Alicia Gibson.

food 2.jpg

Beth Hesp and Vicki Mitchell

Beth Hesp said “I was very happy that we managed to help struggling families in a time when they needed it most, it made me emotional to see the joy on people’s faces and I was totally overwhelmed with how much was donated. I like to help where I can, but I could not have done it without Alicia Gibson and Vicki Mitchell’s help.”

As Vicki Mitchell and her family could not spend their Christmas Eve in their usual way, celebrating their festive traditions, they had decided helping Given To Shine was the perfect way to celebrate this year, by not only helping those in need, but also teaching their children about the importance of charity.


Vicki Mitchell said “It was an absolute pleasure for my family to host this, as heart-breaking as it was to hear peoples stories, it was humbling to be there to listen and help in the small way we could. Helping our community is what is most important to me.”


Thanks to Vicki Mitchell and her families generosity, food was given to those who needed it and to those who may be struggling during this particularly difficult time of year.

Vicki Mitchell said, “I’m grateful to Given to Shine and Councillor Terry Evans and his wife for making this possible.”


Given To Shine are a charity who provide support to people who may be struggling financially, their aim is to build resilient communities, reduce waste and to protect our planet. They provide venues to access food all year round. In 2020, they handed out over 26,000 food parcels, meaning 130,000 people received food from them.


If you would like to contact Given To Shine, please give them a call on 07549307595, email them at, or alternatively visit their Facebook page:


If you would like to contact Manford’s Little Lambs, please call them on 07809603193, email them at, or alternatively visit their Facebook page:

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