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Nov 7th 2020
A new website has been launched in order to help photographers, vehicle enthusiasts and event planners connect with each other.

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Christopher Jones said: “We are so excited for this venture, we have had a lot of support across our social media channels so far, so we’re hoping our little website will really take off soon.”


The inspiration for Photobomb came from Kimberly, when she and Christopher were on a motorcycle ride with a close friend in June 2020. The couple discussed the idea with close family members and friends and in August 2020, the idea became reality.


Photobomb seems to be the first of its kind and has already gained a large following on social media. The site currently features an interactive map where photographers and event planners can place a pin to show their location, a featured photographer section on the homepage, a ‘meet the photographers’ page and an events page, which features all upcoming events from photographers and event planners.

Christopher Jones, a BT engineer and Kimberly Gibbons, a media and journalism student from Wrexham, North Wales, have launched a new website called Photobomb to connect vehicle enthusiasts, photographers and event planners together. The website was launched in August 2020 and currently has eighteen members signed up.


Photobomb has been created by Christopher and Kimberly, solely as a two-man team from their home in North Wales. As keen motorcyclists, the couple regularly go on motorcycle rides by themselves and as part of the group Motorcycle Meets North Wales. Roadside photographers are a regular sight, taking pictures of the motorcycles, but it can be extremely hard to find who took the photograph to purchase it. The aim of Photobomb is to connect the photographers and the enthusiasts to eliminate this problem.


Kimberly Gibbons said: “This seemed like such a little idea when I first thought of it on the back of the motorcycle, and now, it seems like it’s going to be a really popular thing! I can’t wait to see where this goes and hopefully, people really like the idea.”


The website is also currently being developed into an app, which will be available on Android and Apple.


For more information, visit the Photobomb website at


Alternatively, visit Photobomb on Facebook and @photobombexp on Instagram or send an email to

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