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Techniquest Toddler Day

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

12th Nov, 2018

A day out with the kids that won't break the bank!

(Techniquest, 2018)

Once a month, on a Monday, Techniquest Wrexham open their doors just for Toddlers! The science exhibition centre is closed to the general public on Mondays, so no big kids!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I’m 21 years old and a mum to a very restless, energetic 2-year-old. I’m also a student working a minimum wage weekend job, so as you can imagine I don’t have a lot of money, finding something cheap and fun to take my daughter to is the most exciting thing in the world for me and her!

The centre is open 10am-3pm, toddlers cost £5 and adults are free. For a measly £5, your toddler gets free reign of all three zones, a themed storytelling session, a make and take activity AND a science experiment show, entertaining for all (not just the toddlers!)

This months theme was colour.

We had visited Techniquest not long before for my daughter Riley’s second birthday, but this time it was completely different, complete with coloured blocks, a ball pool, and even the big block puzzle had been replaced with soft, colourful blocks instead!

Of course, some of the normal exhibitions stayed the same. We arrived at exactly 10AM, and we must have spent a good 2 hours playing in Zone 1 and 2, as we hadn’t even made it to Zone 3 before it was time to head upstairs to the studio.

We walked into a cosy studio set up with a projector, a special science experiment, and coloured mats on the floor for the children to choose from. Of course, Riley chose a pink square (her favourite colour and the shape closest to my chair!)

The host was amazing and interacted with the children, asking them their favourite colours and then proceeded to sing a song from a cartoon with them, I didn’t know this song as it isn’t something we watch, but apparently it was from Bing!

They read a lovely story called “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle, Riley adored the story so much, I even had a sneaky look on eBay to see if I could find it for home…

After reading the story, the host did a science experiment with the children, making rainbow colours on the roof using CD’s and a torch, explaining the rules of refraction to them, Riley was definitely too young to understand but hey, I learnt something from it!

After all the fun in the studio was over, we were taken into a classroom across the way to do some ‘make and take’ activities. Two tables were lined with craft activities for everyone to take part in, and once you finished your creation you can take it home with you (although Riley broke hers by time, we got back to the car…)

The first table had beakers of water, pipettes, paper plates and pens, Riley had to colour a pattern on to her plate and place a few drops of water into the middle using the pipette, this made colours mix together and form a new pattern, amazing my little girl to no end.

The second table had boxes of pens/pencils/crayons and pieces of paper cut into circles with individual segments, the aim being to colour each segment differently. Once Riley had coloured her paper, we took it over to the host who placed a small cocktail stick through the middle and spun it on the table, making the colours ‘whirl around’ as Riley said.

After finishing up in the classroom, we headed back downstairs to explore the final zone before going back to the car. All this fun made Riley extremely hungry, so off we went to Pizza Hut for the lunchtime buffet, only costing this happy Mummy £7.50 for unlimited salad bar, free refills on drinks and unlimited pizza and pasta.

The next Techniquest Toddler day is ‘Slumber’ themed on 10th December 2018.

Address: Techniquest Glyndwr

Glyndwr University Campus

Mold Road


LL11 2AW

Free parking is available at the Glyndwr University campus, opposite the

Free parking is available at the Glyndwr University campus, opposite the science #techniquest #glyndwr #toddlerdays #science #kidsdayout

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