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My experience as a refugee

Being a refugee is not a choice:

"Hello my name is Hasna, I live in Wrexham and I am from Syria I will talk about my experience as a refugee …my story begins in 2013 when I was a twelve years old living in Syria with my family. My father told us we would  move to Iraq because Syria is not a safe  place to live any more.

I was shocked by this news. I did not expect that we would go and leave everything behind, I was very sad, but nothing I could do. We moved to Iraq, but it was very difficult. We walked by foot from Syria to Iraq. We went over the mountains. It took two days and it was raining.

We reached Iraq, but my father stayed in Syria for a few months. We were living in Iraq for 7 months and then when the schools opened in september 2014, we were told we couldn't go because we are a refugee. I stopped studying for a year and a half.

In 2015, a refugee education center opened. I went to this center until 2016 then we received news that we will move to the United Kingdom, I came to Wales in September 2016 when i came here everything is different people,language and study. At first, there was difficulty in language to communicate with people،but then I had make some friends and I was very happy with everything.In 2018 I have great result in GCSE and now I'm study at college Cambria health and social care and  I want to go to the university to be a nurse.

I want to mention another thing a few months ago i meet some people who working  with Refugee Kindness-North Wales they are a group in facebook helping people who needs their help.They are very helpful also they help me to join Royal College of Nursing the course is  (SJA2 RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet).

Refugee kindness is absolutely amazing that this group helps many people who are like me. I feel lucky that I met them.

Big thank you for your support!"

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