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Feb 26th 2021
Refugee Kindness – North Wales allows people to offer their unwanted items and support to refugees and asylum seekers in need. They’ve now been awarded charitable status with 20 volunteers supporting 45 families.

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From their support, two refugees have joined a nursing cadet scheme, families have also received legal assistance and obtained IT equipment during COVID-19.

Among the grateful messages was this – “This means a lot for people like us, to make us feel we are still worthy to live our life and have a place that looks like a real home.”

"Happy to be in Wales" - A member of the group.

The organization operates entirely unfunded, aiming to relieve poverty and financial hardship so they still feel a part of society.

Rachel Watkin, Chair of Trustees, said: “Refugees and asylum seekers in North Wales are significantly disadvantaged with low incomes, language barriers, limited knowledge of the local area, not having permission to work and being displaced from their homes, they have nothing and need items and knowledge necessary for a better life."

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Through donations, liaison officers of the group form friendships with members and support them through all areas of life.

Rachel added: "Refugee Kindness - North Wales is entirely not for profit; we work through the goodness of the volunteers and organization’s members hearts.”

A Father Christmas delivery was also completed to 82 children.


For more information, please visit Refugee Kindness - North Wales Facebook page or Refugee Kindness – North Wales Facebook group.

Click here to hear an interview with Laura Rowlands - Refugee Kindness Volunteer

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